According to the report of 9to5Mac, Horace Dediu, the founder of market research company Asymco,, and a well-known mobile industry analyst Horace Dediu, has estimated Apple's total sales may reach 33 and created 120 Billion dollars in revenue since its launch. Horace Dediu expected that Apple Watch's sales has reached 15 million in the past 12 months, the same period sales of 490 million US dollars.

Although analysts have never hesitated to publish a variety of assessment data, but Horace Dediu does have a good reason to prove that their forecasts are reliable. He also predicted that Apple Watch sales will continue to grow. Horace Dediu pointed out in his blog post that he had given his own forecast data before Apple CEO Tim Cook announced that Apple Watch had sold more than Rolex, and that these predictions were consistent with Cook's Data.

"We all know that Rolex produces about 1 million watches a year and Rolex has sales of $ 4.7 billion in 2016. Therefore, the average revenue per watch is about $ 4,700. My estimate is that Apple In the past 12 months sold about 15 million watches, the average price of about $ 330. This makes Apple Watch's revenue reached 4.9 billion US dollars, indeed higher than Rolex.

Cook also noted that Apple Watch's sales in the last quarter has increased by 50%, which is consistent with the chart developed by Asymco. Horace Dediu thinks, apparently Apple Watch has been successful. Rolex spent 112 years to become the king of the watch industry, and Apple took only two and a half years. Although the current version LTE Apple watch can be used without binding with the iPhone, but it still needs iPhone activation, and its battery life is limited, which means that it is still a companion equipment. Horace Dediu predicted that this situation will change.

In fact, Horace Dediu has compared the Apple Watch's potential with the first iPhone, the original iPhone also need Mac or PC to become activate. "Apple Watch Series 3 is not only more powerful than the first generation iPhone, but it also has a small screen iPod, Internet communication and mobile phone integration. However, it is not just a mini version of the iPhone, but a new product, Is focused on the field of fitness and health. This is a key point. IPhone was born only mobile phone, but the function has been an unprecedented increase, which is its creators can not foresee. Broken apple watch Series 1 screen, maybe it is time to buy a apple watch series 3.

"This watch can only be used to view the time, but it is going to beyond the early iPhone and going in the new direction." Horace Dediu said. In fact, we talked about Resting Rate Arrhythmia and Atrial fibrillation at a recent conference,which indicates that the new watch function will follow. Apple Watch Series 3’s reviews are basically positive, we can say that it opens up a new world.