Many friends have battery sticker has been pulled off problem when replace the iPhone 5S, 6/6 Plus and 6S / 6S Plus battery, then the battery is very difficult to remove out, a lot of novice may be directly with tweezers, Screwdriver, pry bar and other tools pry down the battery directly just like the iPhone 5, which may lead to battery deformation, fire burning and even the entire iPhone scrapped.

Here we can look at some of the experience to replace the battery, here is a sample for iPhone 5s:

iphone 5 battery repair

What should we do after the battery sticker be pulled off?

how to move iphone 5s battery

First use the pry bar to pry the battery slightly, then we can see the battery sticker.

how to move broke iphone 5s battery

Then roll the battery out with tweezers.

5s battery remove

Like the above picture we can also use the battery sticker to pull out the battery.

iphone 5s battery

So that the removal of the battery will not be obvious deformation, and won't lead the battery fire burning. Okay, my friends, now you know how to replace the battery!